Не откажите в любезности или Глаголы с корнем КАЗ и префиксы/Verbs with the root КАЗ and their prefixes

ГЛАГОЛЫ С КОРНЕМ «КАЗ» и ПРЕФИКСЫ   Мы продолжаем серию статей о префиксах. We continue a series of articles about prefixes. As usual we provide perfective and imperfective aspects of verbs.   ЗАКАЗЫВАТЬ/ЗАКАЗАТЬ – to order, to book Почему ты … Read More

Где и куда/Where in Russian

Hey there! Today I want to talk a bit about two kinds of Russian “where”. As you know when you ask about somebody’s location you say: Где ты? Where are you? But when you want to know in what direction … Read More

Learn about indefinite pronouns with particles/-ТО,-ЛИБО,-НИБУДЬ, КОЕ-

These particles can be attached to кто, что, где, когда to form indefinite pronouns. Note! They can also be attached to как, куда, почему, чей, какой   –ТО: 1) When you don’t know or don’t remember who, what, where and … Read More