Hey there! Today I want to talk a bit about two kinds of Russian “where”.

As you know when you ask about somebody’s location you say: Где ты? Where are you? But when you want to know in what direction (what place) somebody’s going you ask: Куда ты идёшь? Where are you going?

I think you know that. But what’s about answers to such questions?

Let’s check.

– ГДЕ ТЫ? Where are you?

– ЗДЕСЬ. Here. *you can use ТУТ also.

-ГДЕ ТЫ БЫЛ? Where were you?

-ТАМ. There.


–    КУДА ТЫ ИДЁШЬ? Where are you going?

–     ТУДА. There.

Besides you can use the word «сюда» when saying about direction. Examples of using:

Иди сюда. Come here.

Давай заглянем сюда. Let’s take a look here.

Поставь чемодан сюда. Put the suitcase here.


The other thing you should know is using different cases depending on saying about location or direction.

-ГДЕ ТЫ СЕЙЧАС? Where are you now?

-Я В РЕСТОРАНЕ (here we use the Prepositional case). I’m in the restaurant.


– КУДА ТЫ ИДЁШЬ? Where are you going?

– Я ИДУ В РЕСТОРАН (here we use the Accusative case). I’m going to the restaurant.


If you want to know more – feel free to contact me for a lesson;)

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